3 X Valerian root extract 270 capsule 6000 mg. per capsule
    3 X Valerian root extract 270 capsule 6000 mg. per capsule
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Contents: 270 capsules Contents: The calculated value per 1 piece Own: Valerian root 6000 mg (from 300 mg 20: 1 extract) equivalent 6000mg. VELERIAN ROOT EXTRACT: There are many herbal supplements available with unique properties and benefits. Valerian root is no exception as it is known to improve sleeping habits while reducing insomnia. This is not only beneficial for sleep problems, but also for panic attacks. VELERIAN ROOT EXTRACT FOR RESTFUL SLEEP: One of the earliest uses of valerian root was to treat insomnia, and that use continues to this day. This is because certain ingredients in the plant are said to have a calming effect. THR 4192345331416 1 x article VELERIAN ROOT EXTRACT 90 capsules Use: 1-2 capsules daily with water or to sleep before going to bed Valerian root capsules - Valerian root extract 20: 1,300 mg = equivalent 6000 mg. Reduce stress and improve mood. This has a positive effect on muscle spasms, headaches, stress, nervous restlessness and stress-related digestive problems and improves sleep. We always recommend seeing your doctor before taking any supplements. Dietary supplements cannot be used as food or medicine !!!

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